About the name and other rituals…

Did you know one of the ways cellphones, ipads, and “screens” in general has changed our communication is that it has made us more selective in making new friends? The easy access to communication with good friendships vs the state of affairs 50 years ago has caused us to “hold on” to friendships even after they move far far away. Apparently it was somewhat more common up until fairly recently to be all “Well they be gone: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” when a friend moved away. 

Famous Russian reaction to the question “oh what happened to your friend?”

So with that little rejoinder, I hope, if nothing else, this blog is a somewhat entertaining way for me to keep in touch with all my contacts and friends that I like to call “legacy friends”. Legacy friends generally fall into two categories 1. You’ve known each other for a long long long time. 2. You went through “something” together. (Most people have an unusually high amount of legacy friends from college for example.)

If they stuck through this then they get a title damnit. 

The name Two Entps refers to my husband and me. We test as ENTP on something called the MBTI personality metric, and I am a newlywed so titling my blog after my new life in monogamy seemed a nice descriptive start for this chapter of events. The test/metric/whatchamacallit is basically a test people take to describe their personality. (No. It’s not a Facebook quiz.) Hopefully I can describe the theories behind the test in a non-boring and descriptive way so that it makes sense to people here. I have a lot of moments where I reference these concepts in judgey ways towards people so you seriously don’t want to miss out on that fun.

Ok. I’m glad I got that out. I’m recovering from strep throat today so I barely eked out a 3.3 loop for my run-walk. I have a half marathon coming up in two weeks soooo that’s going to get Real real soon.


The Lost Art of Conversation
Screen Time TED NPR


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