Aquaponics Update

So I’m 30 years old now.

Nine months married.

Twenty months in a relationship. (Personal Record!)

Everything is great. There’s little tweaks to make…. we talk about them, but on the whole it’s great. Marriage is this wonderful comfortable space where I can not only spout my ideas ad nauseum, but my partner actually has at least middling interest in them! Who knew?!

I don’t remember EXACTLY what started the aquaponics project, but I think it started from returning from a “so-so” cruise of the Caribbean after reading a PHENOMENAL book, Radical Homemakers. The thesis of the book is how multi-national corporations have turned, and feed off of, the concept of the “household” being a unit of consumption. With better skills, at least one person not in the corporate work force, and a little design; you can revert the Household into a unit of production

It Begins

This idea absolutely energizes me and taps into the rare mercurial resource of Liz-Motivational-Energy. 

Many a wise-learned men across time have commented on the particularly difficulty in which to motivate a Liz-Unit to produce work. Most have died with the secret remaining buried.

Wow. Ok. I love drama. I’m leaving that there. 

Basically the reason why this “simple” reversal of household definition inside the post-industrial, post-information age is so radical is this:

Making little units of production of homes (and preferably co-living, multi-generational homes) FRACTURES on a molecular level (I’m imagining milk-homogenization here. WHAT A GREAT METAPHOR.) the current destructive nature of our major supply chain. Food shouldn’t have to travel 3000 miles produced by someone not making a living wage to provide less nutrients with more waste to an end consumer who can barely spare the time to shop for it. There is not a single person benefitted by this chain that is INSIDE the chain. The chain only serves to benefit money speculation outside of it or subsidize the cost of corporate operation by government campaign donors. 

Feminism. A lot of well-meaning feminists spend a lot of time on the equal-work/equal-pay issue. To me, this is a lot like counting how many water buckets were carried by whom while a house is on fire. I mean sure, we should ideally carry the same amount of equally filled water buckets, but HOLY SHIT LOOK BEHIND YOU. Second wave feminists proved they could be just as creative and executive in leadership roles in society as men, and that was important. But today I really really really really really really want to emphasize the VALUE-GAP between men and women. We have devalued the household* to the point where palatial-climate-controlled square footage stands empty day after day like some sort of weird tombstone to what used to exist in it’s place.  And cutting out what used to exist in it’s place is only making multi-national corporations fatter, and isolating society down to little worker-bee units that barely see their family and friends from lack of time.

Household* Skills of the home used to be an encompassing topic for how to function everyday. Nutrition and proper preparation of foods is the single greatest preventitive medicine from chronic illness. Having more people working from home (either IN the home or working remotely) also creates the environment to reconnect the generations OR create your own family with peers of your choosing which in turn creates economies of scale in terms of Time- Resource. Finding time to perform all the household task no longer becomes a Hobson’s Choice of Prioritization Roulette, everything simply gets done with the fact that most errands/chores need only be done once by one person and the effects are spreadable to nearly dozen people. Nuclear families cloistered off in their neat little units have the effect of making one person do every chore that only spreadable to themselves or occasionally the nuclear families. This is a recipe for burnout. The household as a unit of production has many tasks you see in small companies: administration, procurement, inventory, logistics, maitenance, personal development and training (kids), and sales. And it needs more than one person running the show.

Belle Starr would like some Developmentz plz


Anyways. Good to check in.