Two Entps

Hi there.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile, but have been unable to to zero in on a single topic. I don’t exclusively cook; I don’t have kids (yet); and frankly I don’t run the sort of mileage the running blogs claim to log but maybe I’ll be back at that one day. I’m sort of in a running doldrums as of late.

So two ENTPs. ENTP stands for extroverted intuitive thinking perceiving. Great. On the Mbti, which is a test that measures behaviors, I test strongly-preferenced for the first three descriptors followed by a mild preference for the last one. My husband, whom I met a year and half ago, also tests similarly, although he has a strong preference in the last metric as well. We often talk in terms of Mbti to each other and about the world at large, and I would not mind continuing that here on this journal-thing-cum-blog. Behavior preference, however, is not destiny so it’s important to note that too. Also, let’s face it, people who discuss Mbti exclusively are hella boring.

Nitty gritty of my life right now is that I’ve started a new career in real-estate (it’s not going too great); I’m in my longest relationship of my life (learning curve!!!); my mile time is awful (hellooo prolonged exercise absence); and I find myself attracted to the sense of community that SOME blogs create.

My theme for 2017 is Cultivate so I hope to “cultivate” a more intersting story soon.




Other entp and me one year ago today. ❤️❤️